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Drive shafts (or cardan shafts) are adopted for high-powered transmission thanks to:
• shock resistant roller bearings instead of needle bearings
• Cold-rolled grooved hinges with a high level of surface hardness and tenacity, involute profile and a large resistant low-roughness cross-section
• Cold-extruded grooved sleeve
• Thick torsion resistant tubes

Moreover, drive shafts can boast a considerable life span thanks to:
• guided rollers and uniform load distribution. The rollers are inclined
• frontal platelets between the pivot, cross-piece and the bearing base; they eliminate the tendency for wear and tear
• rilsan coated grooves with a tenfold increase in lifespan compared to traditional treatments
• the sleeves are rilsan coated both internally and externally and are thus highly resistant to corrosion
• Gasket perfectly sealed to the groove

Italgiunti’s strength has always been the constant updating of its product range both for internal use in the production of complete gearboxes and for export throughout the world.
The range includes spare parts for all the major heavy-duty road vehicle manufactures, as well as those used in quarries and on building sites.
Obviously, spare parts for the complete IVECO range constitute a significant part of our output, but we also cover some major international manufacturers such as Volvo, DAF, MAN, Mercedes and Scania. 
Indeed, during the last year a spare part, not identical but completely interchangeable, has been introduced for the Scania P.500 series. 

Drive shafts or cardan shafts  transmit high torque regimes thanks to:
• Compact construction with homogeneous components
• Very narrow tolerances in the bearings and in the grooves
• Optimal regulation of the junctions with 6 different types of Seeger rings.

All this will lead to the following benefits:
• Saving on bearings of connected components due to the low axial stress
• Use of flange connections with smaller dimensions on the gear box and differential
• Universal application with SAE, DIN or toothed connections
• Greater technical choice for the designer thanks to the 35° angles and the 110 mm extension.
• Low maintenance thanks to the self-lubricating groove coated in Rilsan Neutro PA11
• Now, on request, use of Long Life cross-pieces.

The story of Italgiunti began at the end of the 1960s when two young men, who had already been dealing in spare parts for cardan systems for a number of years, decided to start their own business. The idea was to create a small, flexible firm able to satisfy the needs of a clientele which was initially only regional and only for vehicles from the Fiat-Iveco range.

In an attempt to anticipate their customers requirements, Italgiunti introduced a centred double joint for various applications, enabling angles to be achieved that would be unthinkable for single cross-pieces, such as 42° for example.
This new application has been highly successful in the industrial sector where there are difficulties relating to flange parallels, in special vehicles such as fire engines or road sweepers, where as well as reduced encumbrance, the Italgiunti cardan shaft allows a wide range of use in difficult assemblies. Above all, the double joint transmission has great success in conversions for off-road vehicles.

All types of cardan shafts are available with double cross-pieces, with a double joint or in some cases with two double joints, as is the case with the Nissan Patrol, in the Y60 – Y61 –  GR or TR versions.
This is true for all the main manufacturers such as Land-roverToyotaSuzukyMercedes and Mitsubishi.
As a manufacturer ourselves, we set no limits with regard to our equipment, therefore it is possible to design any type of connection flange for any type of vehicle.

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